Li Xian, Yang Zi’s upcoming rom-com Go Go Squid! releases trailer

Go Go Squid! revolves around the cute romance between a bubbly programming student (Yang Zi) and a genius gamer (Li Xian).

The 44 episode drama is tentatively scheduled to air in late Summer.


Hu Yitian guest stars as Wu Bai:

6 thoughts on “Li Xian, Yang Zi’s upcoming rom-com Go Go Squid! releases trailer

  1. Yang Zi and Loli does not belong to the same sentence since she looks so ordinary visually. A younger Zhao Liying would have been the perfect fit. Just hope the story is good so I can ignore this miscasting.

    • Very undeserving prejudice comment. Yang Zhi has acted on over 30eps…. Battle of Changsha is one of her best works. She is far from cute in the drama.

  2. Li Xian’s Gun feels a little off……not exactly how I imagined him to be. Maybe it will be better when we see more of him. Also not feeling the visual of Tong Nian..she likes to dress more loli and sexy cute….
    Huyitian seems fitting for Xiao Bai though…

    The story is really light so I assume there are going to be scenes from the prequels…can’t see how they are gonna do 44 episodes otherwise. I was gonna check out this novel..ended up reading the prequels as well…lol.
    Not my favorite book from mfbb but I can see how this story can be appealing for the cute.

  3. I hope they didn’t take away the cosplay goddess part of her character and make her just a programming student…
    I’m excited because I love this story, it’s insanely cute, and I like the cast. I’m also a little nervous though because I’m not super excited about the visuals/trailer so far? Yang Zi does cute pretty well I think, but the character is also described as very…”loli”. I’m not super into the promo releases so far, but I’m not too worried either because MoBaoFeiBao is notorious for only agreeing to an adaptation if she’s involved in things like script and cast choices, so it can’t be too bad, since this is her first ok-d screen-adaptation out of alllll her books.

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