Huang Xuan plays the Sniper in upcoming Republican drama

Sniper 瞄准 stars Huang Xuan (Entrepreneurial Age) as Su Wenqian, an agent who plans to assassinate an important figure in the Kuomintang government within 180 hours. Chen He (Mad Ebriety) plays Chi Tiecheng, a Kuomintang assassin and Su Wenqian’s older disciple brother.

Yang Caiyu (Seven Days) costars as Ouyang Xiangling, who joins the Communists to find out the truth about her fiance’s death, while Li Xirui (To Love, To Heal) plays Qin Zishu, Chi Tiecheng’s lover.

The 42 episode series is helmed by Wu Bai and Bie Ke, who worked on Day & Night together, and written by Huang Hui (Autumn Harvest Uprising).

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