Promo Round-up: The Great Craftsman

The Great Craftsman (Romance of Architecture) 筑梦情缘 / 巨匠 stars Wallace Huo as Shen Qi’nan, who was adopted and raised by Fu Jiancheng, a co-conspirator in his parents deaths. After reuniting with his siblings, they embark on a quest for revenge. Yang Mi costars as Fu’s daughter and heiress to his construction company.

The 60 episode revenge romance airs daily on Hunan TV beginning tonight.

Playlist of teasers:

Ending theme song by Su Shiding, Li Qi

Wallace Huo, Qu Gaowei and Ge Shimin as the Shen family siblings:

The secondary romance features the son of the main antagonist (Zhang Junning) and Shen Qi’nan’s sister (Ge Shimin). 

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