Wuxia romance drama Tingxue Tower begins streaming tomorrow

Tingxue Tower stars Qin Junjie and Yuan Bingyan as members of the titular cult who lead the fight against the unorthodox sects. If the show follows the books, they’ll also have their own bitter romance, as distrust and betrayal breaks their relationship.

The series releases 2 episodes every Monday to Thursday on Tencent. Members get an 8 episode head start.

5 thoughts on “Wuxia romance drama Tingxue Tower begins streaming tomorrow

  1. I just watched this drama and I found it more engaging than other CDrama that I had watched before. It is seldom to find a gem such as this one. The subtle look and feel, the haunting OST, realistic dialogue that doesn’t insult your intelligence and a more grounded interactions with the two protagonists. As for the fighting, driven by slow motions, not less or more than other wuxia, but stylished that render them a visual feast!

    • The issue isn’t even the slow-mo it’s the poor execution. They have the same issue as Black Panther, which is that the speed of attack is constant, which makes it clear it’s fake.

      Have you seen it? How is it other than the bad fight scenes?

      • The pacing is okay, but I don’t like how they’ve altered Shu Jingrong’s personality and combat skills. So far Qinglan and Yehuo’s storyline is way more interesting than the leads.

  2. This reminds me a bit of The Legends. Maybe the story line with orthodox and unorthodox but also the stills.

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