Zhang Zhehan, Zhang Ruonan’s upcoming romance drama wraps up filming

Everyone Wants to Meet You 谁都渴望遇见你 is a fantasy romance drama starring Zhang Zhehan as Zhang Min, a hotel manager and the heir to a corporate firm. Zhang Ruonan (Cry Me A Sad River) costars as Luo Xi, an orphan girl who can communicate with plants.

Wang Yilun (Long For U II) plays Tao Lun, the biological son of the Zhang family and thus the corporation’s true heir. A Harvard graduate, he has harboured romantic affections for Luo Xi ever since meeting her at the orphanage.

The 36 episode drama is directed by Xu Fuxiang (Magical Space Time) and produced by actress Zhao Wei, which is why a bulk of the series was shot on-location at one of her wineries in France.

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