Gu Jiacheng, Nonkul dive into Plop of Youth

Thai actor Nonkul ( Bad Genius) dives into Chinese drama with synchronized diving drama  Plop of Youth 扑通扑通的青春.  The series focuses on two pairs of divers – retired diving star Jiang Bailong (Gu Jiacheng), Thai exchange student Veet ( Nonkul), and freshman pair Lu Haoran (Sun Weihao) and Tian Lin (Liu Yingquangang) –  as they   try to save their diving team.  Given how shippy synchronized diving is, I’m going to guess this is yet another bromance drama.

The show brought on Olympic gold medalist Lin Yue as a consultant, and it seems like the actors actually went through training based on behind-the-scenes clips.


Novoland: Eagleflag releases new promos, sets airing date

Eagle Flag  on top of the carcasses of the previous dramas set in Novoland.

Probably the biggest fantasy drama since ,,  Novoland: Eagle Flag九州缥缈录 has finally announced a release date.   The star-studded series stars Liu Haoran, Song Zu’er, Chen Ruoxuan, Jiang Shuying, Xu Qing, Zhang Fengyi, Wang Ou, Li Guangjie, and Chen Haoyu.

The series will air on June 3rd unless Novoland also starts a trade war with China.


Promos Round-up: Legend of the Phoenix

Palace intrigue series Legend of the Phoenix 凤弈 begins airing today. The series stars He Hongshan, Xu Zhengxi, and Cao Xiwen. Based on the plot summary, I’m really hoping we’ll see something close to a genuine friendship between He Hongshan and Cao Xiwen like the female leads of The Palace of Yanxi.

Watch the drama on Youtube here. Two episodes will be available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Plot,  stills, trailer 1, trailer 2; more trailers; theme song by Mimi Lee of Rocket Girls below:


An ancient prince tour the Republican Era in fantasy Prodigy Healer


When Republican-era doctor Mu Xingchen (Zhao Lusi) stumbles upon a mysterious land that hasn’t caught up with modern times, she befriends prince Ye Yunshang (Li Hongyi). Seeking to escape the court politics wrecking his family, he returns with her to Republican Era China (yikes, he might as well have stayed where he was). So begins a journey of the only prince in Republican Era China in fantasy rom-com Prodigy Healer 青囊传.

The series is directed by Hu Xuxi (New Detective Squad) and written by a team of scriptwriters. It’s set to be released late this month.


Choose-your-own-adventure in interactive drama The Invisible Guardian

With a douban score of 9.7/10, Invisible Guardian rates way above even the highest rated drama of last year (The River Flows East at 8.8)

China’s most expensive choose-your-own-adventure yet, interactive drama The Invisible Guardian 隐形守护者 is the latest espionage drama hit.  With about ten hours of gameplay, complex characters, and multiple brilliant endings, the game allows the user to take on the identity of Xiao Tu, a student who has decided to go undercover in Shanghai during the Republican era. There, you must navigate a world where everyone is out for themselves, all the while making difficult decisions that often have no right answers. Pay attention, for there are hints in episode one that won’t show up until the very last episode.

The interactive drama doesn’t gloss over the complexity of human nature and the harshness of reality. In one plotline, you have the option of manipulating the masses Culture Revolution-style to smear the name of a former colleague. In another, you can join the Japanese army to save yourself. There are bad and good people in each party, and you can also end up in any of them by the end of the series.  Can you maintain your original dreams when everyone around you seems to have betrayed them and you?  Even if you’ve kept alive, are the sacrifices along the way worth it? Will you still be you? 

By having the option of death, the series also gets rid of the “dumb decisions” issues that many dramas have. After all, one mistake and you’re dead. The series allows you to experience over a hundred endings in five main plotlines, including some that seem cruel but logical to you, but also some that are “losses” but might make your life so much happier.  Sometimes even when you lose you might be winning.

Liu Xijun sings the theme for the Red Blossom plotline of the drama game, which is part stills and part video: