Promo Round-up: I Only Like You

I Only Like You / Le Coupe de Foudre stars Wu Qian (The Brightest Star in the Sky) and Zhang Yujian (The Plough Department of Song Dynasty) as a pair of sweethearts who breakup during high school and rekindle their romance as adults.

The 35 episode web drama streams 2 eps every Monday to Wednesday on Tencent and Youku.

In high school, Zhao Qiaoyi (Wu Qian) was the struggling student while Yan Mo (Zhang Yujian) was the cold and distant genius. They somehow became good friends, and promised to go on exchange together after graduation. The promise is never fulfilled, and the pair lose contact after entering college. Qiaoyi seeks out Yan Mo years later intending to confess her feelings for him, yet must come to terms with the fact that he already has someone else by his side.

1 thought on “Promo Round-up: I Only Like You

  1. Ep2’s opening gave me a good belly laugh. It flashed forward to the present day where Qiaoyi and Yan Mo was being super adorable by role playing “Emperor standing up for his favorite consort against b*tch consort’s abuse.” The B-consort is no other than Qiaoyi’s brother, Quanchao, who had refused to help her carry bags from their shopping trip. LOL!

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