Huang Jingyu, Wu Jinyan’s entrepreneurial drama begins filming

We Are Young 青春创世纪 stars Huang Jingyu as the tsundere hero Duan Ran, a fuerdai who runs his own e-commerce business. Wu Jinyan (Legend of Haolan)  plays Qian Xixi, the plucky and hardworking heroine who has been living with Duan Ran’s family since a young age.

Qian Xixi finds a job at an internet celebrity agency and catches the eye of her boss. Annoyed, Duan Ran acquires the agency, effectively becoming Qian Xixi’s new superior. Duan Ran has always enjoyed poking fun at Qian Xixi, and only begins examining his feelings for the heroine after she reunites with her high school classmate and popular new star Jiang Zheyang.

Directed by Chen Feihong (My Best Friend’s Wedding) and scripted by new writers Wang Zhichao, Chang Jiajia, Zhao Xiaoding and Chen Li, the 45 episode modern drama began filming today.

1 thought on “Huang Jingyu, Wu Jinyan’s entrepreneurial drama begins filming

  1. The plot is rinse-n-repeat-Asian-romcom-cliche, and I’d like to know why Chen Kaige is producing this. (OK, money, but still). The other drama his production company is doing is the Republican spy thing which IMO sounds more like his style, but what do I know.

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