Sun Li, Luo Jin play real estate agents in upcoming modern drama

Your Home Is My Business 卖房子的人 is loosely based on the Japanese drama of the same name and stars Sun Li as Fang Sijin, a real estate agent manager who has her own creative way of selling properties. The story begins in earnest when the heroine is sent to help save a failing real estate office branch managed by Xu Wenchang (Luo Jin).

Xu Wenchang was a genius analyst who has always correctly predicted the movements of the volatile housing market. At the peak of his career, Xu Wenchang quits his job and becomes the manager of a real estate office, though consistently fails to meet performance targets. His personal life is a mess too, as his cheating ex-wife is determined to take ownership of their house.

Second male lead Wang Zijian is a HR manager who leaves his tier 2 city hometown to search for better chances in Shanghai. Talented, handsome and a woman’s best friend, he is willing to do anything for Fang Sijin. However, when he is given a chance to enter her life, he realises that he is actually in love with the bubbly and optimistic Zhu Shanshan.

Written by Liuliu (Dwelling Narrowness, Angel Heart) and Jiumeiyu (Women Must Be Stronger) and directed by An Jian (Entrepreneurial Age), the drama began filming today.

Costars include Wang Zijian, Yang Haoyu, Tian Lei, Zhang Xiaoqian, Sun Jiayu and Wang Yizhe. Zhang Meng (Sea of Sand) and Guo Tao guest star.

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