In A Class Of Her Own 云上学堂 is an adaption of Korean drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and stars Ju Jingyi (New Madam White Snake) as a girl from a poor family who earns money by writing essays for students. She impresses Feng Chengjun (Song Weilong), son of the kingdom’s chancellor, and is tricked into attending a boys-only academy. While there, she also befriends Lei Zexin (Wang Ruichang) and Yu Lexuan (Bi Wenjun).

The 36 episode iQiyi drama is directed by Zhi Lei (New Madam White Snake) and scripted by new writers Wang Xinyi and Fu Min.

3 thoughts on “Ju Jingyi, Song Weilong cast in remake of Sungkyunkwan Scandal”

  1. Can wait to watch all of them tell the story
    Can wait to see some back stage clips also…..plesse
    Excited to ju jingyi and her partner with her…..

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