Wuxia series Wudang Yijian releases promos

Wudang Yijian tries to minimize the use of stunt doubles by casting leads with dance and martial arts backgrounds.

Wuxia series Wudang Yijian 武当一剑 hopes to use as few stunt doubles as possible by casting leads with martial arts and/or dance backgrounds. These include the two leads Yu Yiliao and Chai Biyun (Border Town Prodigal) , both Beijing Dance Academy high school graduates who went on to film academies. The cast also stars So You Think You Can Dance finalist and Mongolian dance specialist Wei Lisi , Beijing Dance Academy classical dance graduate Shan Danhan,  National Dance Champion Lin Yiting, MMA fighter Ao Hailin, and National Strongman Champion Long Wu. They also invited a number of Wudang martial arts practitioners as actors.  

You can watch some BTS of the fight scenes here and the long trailer English-subbed here. Watch the MV for the theme song by Sun Nan below:


Unlike many recent wuxia dramas that are CGI-heavy, the series will be shot on location at the Wudang Mountains and  Shennongjia in Hubei as well as A’ershan National Park in Inner Mongolia.

An adaptation of the Liang Yusheng (Seven Swordsmen, The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom) novel of the same name, the series tells of a young Wudang trainee’s journey to become the greatest swordmaster of his time.

I’ve never read the book, but I think the female lead played by Chai Biyun might be an original character. I couldn’t find her in the text or the wiki pages.

Yu Liaoyi is starring in his first drama and he’s already finished Li Shang’s military training.

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  1. A nice change from the usual CGI energy blasts lol.
    Been a while since I saw realistic sword fighting. Hope it turns out well..

  2. Cautiously optimistic but also a little skeptical bc I feel like the dramas that are highly self-promoting as “realistic” and stuff tend to come out with an unnoticeable whimper rather than a bang.

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