Upcoming military drama Glory of the Special Forces 特战荣耀 (lit.) stars Yang Yang (Martial Universe) as Yan Poyue, a high school student who comes from a family of soldiers. He forgoes the university entrance examinations and joins the armed police force in order to prove his worth to his father.

Despite graduating boot camp with flying colours, he isn’t liked by his instructor Li Qiang, and is subsequently allocated to the cookhouse. Surprisingly, the cookhouse is home to several elite soldiers, and is accepted into the special police unit as a trainee.

After undergoing several trials and tribulations, Yan Poyue loses his arrogance and learns to work in a team, finally becoming a respected soldier of the armed forces. The rest of the cast have yet to be announced, but it is rumoured that Li Yitong (Bloody Romance) and Jiang Luxia (Operation Red Sea) will be playing the female leads.

The 50 episode drama is based on the novel of a similar name by Fenwu Yaoji. Xu Jizhou (The Liquidator) signed on as director early on, and the show is scripted by Feng Yi (Operation Red Sea) and Dong Qun (Wolf Warriors 2).

6 thoughts on “Behind the scenes with Yang Yang in Glory of the Special Forces”

  1. Well it’s good he’s branching out in more serious roles on TV. He experimented more in movies and his risks paid off.

  2. I hope YY is good in this… I honestly used to think he was a pretty good actor, but honestly ever since Love O2O I feel like his acting has been really “look at my swagger”-awkward. Esp Love O2O (which I might be in the minority when I say I have mixed feelings about tbh).

  3. “the show is scripted by Feng Yi (Operation Red Sea) and Dong Qun (Wolf Warriors 2)”

    The script is in good hands. Hope to see kickass gunfights..

  4. li yitong seems everywhere … she’s such a strong woman. love her. also jiang luxia…also strong. this could be a good drama.

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