Latest The Lost Tomb series goes under the sea in new teaser

From Li Yifeng, Lu Han, Qin Hao,  Zhu Yilong, to  Hou Minghao, portrayals of Wu Xie has always been good-looking, but  will this be the one where he’s actually  interesting?

The latest TV series based on The Lost Tomb book series,  Explore with the Note : Rage of the Sea 盗墓笔记之怒海潜沙 goes under the sea as the crew explores the fallen ship of a Ming dynasty fengshui master.  The new teaser is the first looks at a two-part series starring Hou Minghao as protagonist Wu Xie and  Chen Yi as his otp Zhang Qiling.

The series is produced by Tencent,  directed by Li Ang (no credits), Zhou Yuyi (Hide and Seek ) , and Liu Guohui (Li Yifeng’s Tomb Raider) , and scripted by Li Ang  and Bai Yicong (Li Yifeng’s Tomb Raider). Li Man, Zhang Boyu, Yao Yichen, Liu Xueyi, and Yao Lu round up the cast.

In addition to Rage of the Sea , the same crew will also adapt the next book in the series, Tree of Qinling 秦岭神树. Adson Liao plays Wu Xie’s best friend and the main supporting lead who takes him to explore a mysterious bronze tree in the Qinling mountains.

4 thoughts on “Latest The Lost Tomb series goes under the sea in new teaser

  1. Actually though, despite all the skepticism from me, I AM anticipating this, bc at the end of the day, still a DMBJ fan. And I loved this specific tomb too.

  2. It’s great to see Cdrama producers branching out into other genres instead of just the usual wuxia.

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