Jolin Tsai’s latest album is catchy and woke as ever and probably one of her best ones lately based purely on production quality. Plus, her MV’s are always so much fun.

Ugly Beauty, a commentary on social norms of beauty:

Womxnly, a commentary on social norms of sexuality:

Life Sucks , a commentary on the values of taking a break to complain about life.

Lay in Red, a horror story of revenge featuring Wang Bo-Chieh and Dee Hsu

Hubby, a commentary silly tribute to old Hong Kong films starring Zheng Kai and Sandra Ng



2 thoughts on “Creative MV’s from Jolin Tsai’s woke new album”

  1. I’m not a follower of Jolin Tsai but I started to listen to some of her songs since Play. I liked how she tackled some serious issues but at the same time maintained her playful side for this album.
    Am I the only one who found Zheng Kai handsome in the mv for Hubby? But I preferred his cook appearance more 😜

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