Held in the Lonely Castle has released a set of stills to commemorate 100 days of filming. Starring Wang Kai, Jiang Shuying, Ren Min and Bian Cheng, the historical drama about an emperor’s struggle to balance the factions and push through new reforms is slated to run for 50 episodes.



10 thoughts on “Wang Kai, Jiang Shuying’s Held in the Lonely Castle releases new stills and BTS”

    1. I am a new fan of Wang Kai.Wang Kai is the most attractive male star I have ever met. He is very handsome and his acting is superb. He is the handsomest of the powerful inside and the strongest of the good-looking actors. Besides, he is quite nice and his interviews are quite fascinating. The more I know this person, the more I am convinced by his mind and feel that I will love him for the rest of my life. Yes, accompany him, Water flowing out in a trickle takes a long time to exhaust.

      1. He really is a versatile actor who can bring to life the diverse characters he plays. Not one of those shallow idol actors. And such a humble and well mannered person in real life.

    1. I m a Big fan of kkw! Such a talented, serious, dedicated and charming actor! My respect n affection for him knew no bounds!
      Like you, I Can’t wait to enjoy this new classical drama, as there are only a few dramas depicting the Song Dynasty!

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