Bai Lu, Lai Yi fight for Tang-dynasty Chengdu in Jiuliu Overlord

The city of Chengdu flourished in the late Tang dynasty as the start of the “Southwest Silk Road.” When a mysterious burglery shakes the city,  the city’s two overlords are pitted against each other.  On the one side, there is mob boss Long Aoyi (Bai Lu). She represents the Lower Jiuliu, the lower class consisting of entertainers, seamstresses, candy sellers, , matchmakers, thieves, burglars, and prostitutes..     On the other side, there is silk tycoon Li Qingliu (Lai Yi), the calculating leader of the Upper Jiuliu and the social elites. The two must push aside their prejudices as they go from fighting for the city with each other to

From the alleys of Chengdu to foreign locales to the royal court of the Tang Dynasty, the two fight with each other and then together in both jianghu and the business world.

Jiuliu Overlord 九流霸主 began filming this month and stars my new bias Bai Lu (The Legends) and Lai Yi ( Flame’s Daughter ). Most of the crew seems new, but the costumes and make-up so far look cute.

The series is directed by first-time drama director Qiu Yu, who only seems to have MV credits to his name before, and Huang Ye, whose first co-directing project was Eternal Love,The Pillow Book.  It’s based on an original script by  Qiu Yu, Liu Qiang, Fu Chong, and Ni Qu . It’s produced by Tencent Pictures, Kangxi Film, and Yangqi Film.


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  1. I am EXCITED about this. I didn’t watch much of Fu Yao but I thought Lai Yi was good in that. Bai Lu’s undoubtably also my new bias after Legends.

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