Promo Round-up: If I Can Love You So

Filmed in 2015, melodrama If I Can Love You So stars Liu Shishi, Tong Dawei and Bao Jianfeng in a dysfunctional love triangle. The drama airs 2 episodes Sunday-Thursday and 1 episode on Fridays and Saturdays.

Initial trailer (Eng-subbed), Dramatic teaser 1, Theme song “Missing Persons Notice” by Lala Hsu

A man and woman commit suicide together, and are later found to have been cheating on their partners. The victims’ respective spouses Bai Kao’er (Liu Shishi) and Geng Mochi (Tong Dawei) meet at the funeral, and decide to take revenge on each other for the suffering their partners made them go through.


They end up falling in love with each other instead, though Geng Mochi’s terminal illness means their happiness will only be short-lived. At the same time, Bai Kao’er’s overbearing brother-in-law Qi Shuli (Bao Jianfeng)  returns from overseas, heralding the start of a messy love triangle.

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