Wuxia series Tingxue Tower releases opening and ending MV’s

Super stylized and slick-looking, Tingxue Tower at least wins the award for the best-looking wuxia series of the year.

Wuxia series Tingxue Tower 听雪楼 just released its opening and ending themes by Mickey He. Starring  Qin Junjie (Summer’s Desire) and Yuan Bingyan (Ever Night) , the series is a torteous tale of a young woman’s attempt to avenge her parents in a battle that blurs together good and evil.  I hope the release of these means that it’ll be released sometimes soon.

The series is directed by Yin Tao (Glory of the Tang Dynasty) and written by Bai Yicong (Candle in the Tomb, The Lost Tomb) and Han Peizhen (Lost Love in Times) and will have 60 episodes.  For more information, see the long synopsis, trailer., posters, and stills.

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  1. I warmed up to Yuan Bingyan after Ever Night (even if I kinda dissed her character there LOL). EN makes me believe her as a fighter, and in her potential as an actress. And I miss Qin Qunjie too. Look forward to this!

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