Chang Chen makes drama debut opposite Ni Ni in Eternal Love spin-off

I’m still going to watch this regardless, but the first 30 seconds reminds me of those organic skin cosmetics ads…

Chang Chen (Forever Young) has decided to take the plunge into drama land as the lead in fantasy period drama Love and Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘. Ni Ni (The Rise of Phoenixes) costars as the female lead.



The God of War Jiuchen (Chang Chen) has been in a coma for 10,000 years after sealing the Demon Lord’s powers. He is awakened by the innocent Lingxi (Ni Ni), and the two soon fall in love. Jiuchen soon discovers Lingxi was actually born with a malevolent force that would help free the Demon Lord. However, he is unwilling to harm her, and instead helps cleanse Lingxi of the evil force.

Unfortunately their happiness is short-lived, as the Demon Lord has managed to break free from Jiuchen’s spell, and the two immortals must engage in another deadly, high-stakes battle.

The plot summary  sounds like a mix of Swords of Legends, Journey of Flower and Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love). I’m disappointed that Chang Chen and Ni Ni chose this as their drama debut and comeback respectively, and so far the only silver lining I can think of is…the acting and the pretty?

Helmed by the team behind Yang Mi’s Eternal Love, the 58 episode drama began filming in late July 2018.

I feel like costume designer Zhang Shuping just recycled the costumes from Lost Love in Times and TLTWTMPB.


9 thoughts on “Chang Chen makes drama debut opposite Ni Ni in Eternal Love spin-off

  1. Is this drama somewhat based on the unfinished and unofficial spin-off to TLTWTMPB that is about Moyuan and Shaowan, the Demon Queen who came back to life because the story centers on a God of War?

      • Yes I think so too. Alot of people have been saying that.
        The fact that the production team coined it as the spinoff to Eternal Love further proves that.

  2. This…trailer is so bad it’s funny lol. NiNi’s gorgeous as always, but yes, it feels like an ad or commercial of some sort. Like…not a legit drama that’s gonna get broadcasted.

  3. I’m not really buying this teaser except for the pretty… but since it looks like director Lin Yufeng is actually involved (and not just putting her name on it), I’m hoping for the best. If not, at least Ni Ni X Chang Chen X Zhang Zhixi are pretty!

  4. Even if the plot does sound like a mish-mash of other dramas we do, as you say, have the pretty, and the hope that the actual storytelling and acting bring up the tone. After all, they say that there are really only 6 basic plots — it’s all in the execution!

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