Friday Photos

Liu Yifei posing for The Return of the Condor Heroes

Posters, stills, photoshoots, and random photos that caught my eye this week.

Hua Chengyu in the desert

Poster for Xiao Zhan, Li Qin,   Meng Meiqi, and Tang Yixin’s Zhuxian.

All this Li Qin photo is missing is some talking birds.

Some new comic book-like stills for There Was Once A Spirit Sword Mountain

Chen Chuhe posing like the media’s image of a a mafia member

A poster for Roy Chiu’s new Yunnan tourism drama, Let Me Understand Your Language, that began airing last week. You can watch it on Youtube here.

Song Weilong

Not sure who the woman in red is but I love her outfit in Winter Begonia.

Su Qing in her hometown of Hengyang, known for the thousand-year-old Shigu Academy.

Poster of My Girlfriend starring Xu Weizhou, Qiao Xin

Ni Ni visiting  HK Disneyland with her roommates. They went to the Tokyo one earlier this year.

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