April Fool’s Day: Jay Walk to produce anthology series of Disney fairytales

Dilraba and Merxat bring Aladdin back to  China.

Jay Walk Studio has announced an anthology series of made-for-streaming Disney princess films starring many of its actors. The project is the realization of Jay Walk’s deal with Disney last year, and already has a huge cast signed up.

Other than Jay Walk’s own Yang Mi, Dilraba, Daisy, and Zhang Yunlong as well as other artists such as Zhou Dongyu, Zhang Xueying, Li Qin, Zhang Ruonan, Wan Qian, Merxat, Hanikezi, Yang Yang, Chen Feiyu, Xu Kai , Chen Chuhe, Ning Jing, Li Bingbing, and Ni Ni.

The anthology series will, among others, star Zhang Xueying in Beauty and the Beast, Li Qin in Cinderella, Yang Mi in the Princess and the Frog, and Zhang Ruonan in the Little Mermaid.

Daisy, Wan Qian, and Zhang Yunlong in Rapunzel.

Yang Mi, Purba Rgyal, and Chen Chuhe (does he go by Baron or River now?) star in a Republican-era version of The Princess and the Frog.

Li Qin stars as Cinderella in a satire about feet-binding.

Zhang Ruonan, Xu Kai, Xu Jinjiang star in The Little Mermaid

Zhou Dongyu, Ning Jing, Yang Yang star in Snow White. In her attempts to become as pure as snow like Snow White, the Evil Queen uses too much lead make-up, driving her crazy.

Hanikezi, Li Bingbing, Chen Feiyu star in Sleeping Beauty

Ni Ni, Dilraba, Tan Jianci, and Xiao Shunyao in Frozen.


This series is brought to you by Cfensi Productions and screens on April Fool’s  2519. gif cr: 木口钉@Weibo

8 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day: Jay Walk to produce anthology series of Disney fairytales

  1. April Fools Joke? I knew it when you mentioned Deliraba… :) I thought she already left the Jaywalk company..

  2. I’m embarrassed to admit that I got into this sinker and line. But the idea of Jaywalk doing adaptations of Disney tales did feel off to me because they have a roster of strong fighting heroines. However, I could totally imagine Dilreba and Merxat in Aladdin 😊

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