Zheng Yecheng, Zhao Lusi wrap up filming for upcoming fantasy romance drama

Based on Shisi Lang’s novel of the same name, Killing All the Crows in the World (The Killing of Three Thousand Crows) 三千鸦杀 features Zhao Lusi (Oh! My Emperor) and Zheng Yecheng (An Oriental Odyssey) in a romance that transcends ten lifetimes.

As the capital of the Kingdom of Yan is taken over by rival states, the princess (cameo by Jiang Yiyi) escapes the capital and assumes her maid Qin Chuan’s (Zhao Lusi) identity. She reunites with her ex-lover Zuo Zichen, who has lost all his memories and is now romantically entangled with Xuanzhu, a noble lady from one of Yan’s vassal states. Qin Chuan also runs into Fu Jiuyun (Zheng Yecheng), a handsome, suave young sir who would teaser her mercilessly every time they meet.

Angered by how the new conquerors are treating her people, Qin Chuan embarks on a journey with Fu Jiuyun to find a magical lamp that will save the world, but there’s a caveat – the soul of the lamp wick, and the person who unseals the lamp, must sacrifice themselves in order for the lamp to function (I can already see where this is headed…).

Directed by Hui Yu (Fantasy of Three Kingdoms) and written by Zhao Tianyou (Playboy Cops), the 30+ episode drama wrapped up filming last week.

2 thoughts on “Zheng Yecheng, Zhao Lusi wrap up filming for upcoming fantasy romance drama

  1. Oooh, the costumes (mostly both of Zheng Yecheng’s) and sets look pretty.

    The synopsis reminds me of the drama version of The Lotus Lantern, where they spend the whole series protecting a lantern, only to find out at the end they needed the female lead to be the lantern’s wick.

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