Luo Yunxi (Ashes of Love) stars as the titular broker Zhou Xiaoshan, a spy who is ordered to steal valuable research information from scientist Qiu Jianing, played by Song Qian (Moonshine and Valentine). [Extended Synopsis]

The ‘bad guys’:

Sun Jiayu as Mo Li, Zhou Xiaoshan’s right-hand woman and adopted sister:

Jiang Xueming (Jinzhong in Ruyi’s Royal Love) as Ruan Wenzhao, husband to Zhou Xiaoshan’s first love Xianglan:Ning Xiaozhi as Cha Zhicai, Zhou Xiaoshan’s adopted father / boss, Xianglan’s father:

The ‘good guys’:

Xu Kaicheng (Well-intended Love) plays Qin Bin, a doctor who has a crush on Qiu Jianing, though eventually realises his true love is actually the heroine’s younger sister Qiu Jiaxin (Ding Yiyi).

Zhang Chenguang as Qiu Jianing’s father:

Sui Junbo as Sun Qian (original character):


3 thoughts on “Song Qian, Luo Yunxi find themselves on opposite sides of the law in Broker”

    1. It hasn’t finished filming, and no broadcaster has bought the airing rights yet. If we’re lucky, it’ll air late this year / early next year. English subbed cdramas are usually available on Youtube / Viki (our ‘where to watch Chinese dramas’ tab will have all the info).

  1. LOL what I really wanna see is who’s Xianglan, apparently the center of everyone around our male lead lol.

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