Huang Zitao plays a pop idol trying to prove his worth (aka himself) in rom-com The Brightest Star In The Sky 夜空中最闪亮的星. Wu Qian plays his assistant-turned-manager and love interest , Yang Zhenzhen.   Huang Zitao is the music producer for the series and his team did the OST.  The series co-stars Niu Junfeng, Cao Xiyue, Zhao Yihuan, and Wang Jinsong.  Two episodes every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be available online beginning March 25th.

One thought on “Huang Zitao, Wu Qian in The Brightest Star In The Sky”

  1. LOL not particularly interested in HZT playing himself, but conflicted bc I quite like Wu Qian. But also not enough to watch this for her.

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