Zheng Shuang’s coming-of-age drama airs tonight

Director Zhao Baogang (Struggle, My Youthfulness) is back with Youth Fight 青春斗, a 38 episode drama revolving around the friendship of four university graduates, their struggles and successes. Starring Zheng Shuang, Gai Yuexi, Xu Yue, Chen Xiaoyun and Wang Xiuzhu, the series airs daily on Beijing TV and Dragon TV beginning tonight.

(Episodes will be available on Youtube in the same channel)



Zheng Shuang as Xiang Zhen: The energetic and enthusiastic girl who has no sense of fashion and is the heir of a Sichuan hotpot restaurant.

Gai Yuexi as Qian Beibei: The perfect child who is everyone’s dream girl, Xiang Zhen’s best friend.

Xu Yue as Ding Lan: The genius role model student who’s also a perfectionist

Chen Xiaoyun as Jin Xiaoni: A girl who prioritises romance above all else.

Wang Xiuzhu as Yu Hui: Ambitious, with a strong desire to succeed.

Ren Zhong as Liu Yu: The perfect suitor – prestigious qualifications, a high-paying job, a high EQ, and also owns a car and a property.

Wang Yang as Guan Shan: The glamorous elite, a self-made millionaire.

Xu Yang as Zhao Cong: The first love, an IT genius.

Su Xin as Jin Xin: Qian Beibei’s #1 fan, husband material.

Gao Taiyu as Shen Yan: The entrepreneur who always puts his career first.

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