Chen Feiyu in The Forbidden Palace, someone cast him as The Last Emperor!

This photoshoot of Chen Feiyu in The Forbidden Palace is not only visually stunning but gives me so much Puyi (China’s last emperor) vibes that after starring at the photos long enough, I decided Chen Feiyu could definitely pass for a better-looking Puyi. Someone hurry and make another drama or film about him while Chen Feiyu is still young. Hey Chen Kaige, here’s your chance for a great Puyi bioepic.

Chen Feiyu just finished up filming for  Legend of Awakening and has been seen at auditions for the Beijing Film Academy. He was also studying for the SAT’s last year, so he may also come back to the US for college.


6 thoughts on “Chen Feiyu in The Forbidden Palace, someone cast him as The Last Emperor!

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing Chen Feiyu as the Last Emperor. I don’t speak Chinese, but I really applaud his acting in The Lighter and the Princess. He didn’t need to speak in a lot of scenes because he can really emote and something to reckon with if I was another actor. Look out for this young actor.

  2. I’m guessing you’ve seen the Monologue in the Palace video, where he recites lines from various movies (including, yeah, The Last Emperor and Farewell My Concubine). What do you think? I remember his line delivery in EN 1 was criticized (you also said it’s weak), so I’m curious how it is now since he’s a little more experienced and he’d been practicing for his BFA entrance.

    • He’s always been passable, but he’s still not great. It can be difficult to make out every word he says, and he always sounds like he has phlegm in his throat.

      • So he still needs to work on his speeches. If he’s accepted in BFA, I hope he really learns from the best resources there. Out of curiosity, among actors/actresses in his age group, who do you consider having the best/most advanced/developed acting skill? (line delivery included)

        • Off the top of my head, Zhang Zifeng. I don’t know that her acting is the most developed, but it’s always felt very natural even in the worst of scripts. Zhang Xueying is also pretty consistent and has at least one outstanding performance.

          Of the males, Liu Haoran is the only one who’s never had a miss, but he’s also only worked with really good teams so it’s hard to tell.

          • Agree. Liu Haoran is the only young actor/actress that comes to mind that hasn’t had any misses. He’s smart enough to choose good projects and is genuinely earnest in his acting and attitude towards improving. His projects always have a strong supporting veteran cast too which helps.

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