Song Qian, Song Weilong rom-com releases first trailer

Should she follow her heart or marry someone who seems suitable?

In Find Yourself 资深少女的初恋, a 30-year-old designer ( Victoria Song Qian) must choose between a younger, financially unstable beau (Song Weilong) and a more “suitable” relationship with an exec (Wang Yaoqing) in this rom-com.  The series released its first trailer today in time for the Hong Kong Film Festival.

What happened to Song Qian? I feel like all her projects since Moonshine & Valentine have been really good fits for her and have pretty unique set-ups. Even her acting doesn’t seem that out of place anymore. Her other projects includes The Broker with Luo Yunxi and The Moon Knows Not My Heart with Ou Hao.


3 thoughts on “Song Qian, Song Weilong rom-com releases first trailer

  1. Also wow finally saw the trailer and it looks really cute! But also idk if I’d watch it cuz I sense a LOT of secondhand embarrassment and lmao my skin is really thin with secondhand embarrassment.

  2. Lol she’s probably actually listening really hard to the ppl critiquing her. And then she’s also one of the few ppl (who even when she was a pretty bad actress) who’s pretty popular and big enough that she probably has a bit more leeway in being able to pick scripts that are at least ok in the sea of idol dramas. Let it not be said at least, that she doesn’t work hard or reflect. Before Moonlight I’d been pretty meh about her as an actress, but even then I liked her personality (from what I saw in reality shows). She seems to have pretty good EQ and really good positive attitude, enough to take all the hate thrown at her and actually improve. Actually, I haven’t seen many actual productions from Yuan Shan Shan, but that’s the same sort of attitude and personality I kinda get from her too. Both incredibly hated on (bc admittedly YSS was at the front of the wave of online bullying and hatred from fans in the ent-industry and bc they both at least used to be truly not that great but also really “popular” really early in their career — popular as in had “good” opportunities and roles) but also both able to turn that into motivation to work really hard.

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