Mermaid Jianghu is yet another retelling of The Little Mermaid

From the team behind  Male Foxes of  Liaozhai 男狐聊斋 comes yet another fantasy made-for-streaming film, this time a retelling of The Little Mermaid. The film will be out on April 1st and  stars Zhu Lilan , Ye Xiaokai , and He Zhizhou.  Trailer/theme song below:


3 thoughts on “Mermaid Jianghu is yet another retelling of The Little Mermaid

  1. I hate, hate the Little Mermaid because the prince is so stupid to think that a princess from a neighboring state could have saved him from drowning, judging by her pristine state (probably wanted to marry her in the first place so he found the excuse).
    Still, I find the colors and light so beautiful, they give the ephemeral ambience.
    I’m evil but I laughed when the mermaid stuffed her face in sadness, it looked funny (but cute at the same timeà to me :P

  2. Oh wow surprisingly anticipating this! Despite the cringey mermaid CGI (lol) everything else incl the themesong is rather beautiful. I can sometimes be pretty into the show-fantasy-angsty stuff. (aka not realistically angsty cuz then that hits really close to home cuz RL is a b*tch). I hope she goes back to the ocean/sea and then he remembers and regrets everything cuz he’s a dick, amnesia or not.

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