The Legends stills of Xu Kai as Moqing

” I want to protect Lu Zhaoyao, but also protect the earth and world that she loves” –  Moqing

Here is a new set of stills of Xu Kai as Li Chenlan / Moqing, the youth prophecied for wickedness who spent his life fulfilling the female lead’s visions of good. He’s very perfect person.

The Legends 招摇 is based on the book of the same name by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang and directed by Steven Cheng. It’s available on Youtube here and airs two episodes every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Baby Moqing is such a sweetheart.

“She’s my only weakness, and the only reason for my strength.”


“If you attack I’m your sword, if you retreat I’m your shield.” –  10/10 pick-up line. Would fall for.

12 thoughts on “The Legends stills of Xu Kai as Moqing

  1. Love the photos <3 I'm new and just finished the drama. I don't know how to read Chinese words. Could someone translate the quotes above pleaseeeeee? :)

    • ” I want to protect Zhaoyao, also protect the mountains, river and realm that she lives in” – Moqing
      You can be inhuman to me, but not unjust to her
      I want to find her, more than anyone else
      She is my only weakness , she is also the reason of my strength and perseverance
      You are mine, no one can take you away
      Lu Zhao Yao I am waiting for you here
      Many times you are in front of me but I feel I might lose you anytime.
      I am willing to die for my absurd obsession, even if turned to flying ashes
      I hope, from now onwards all the roughness you have to endure in your life will fall on me
      “If you attack I’m your sword, if you retreat I’m your shield.”

  2. Isn’t it weird that he is the Demon King’s son, yet, he is the only near perfect human being in the series. His only imperfection is loving the leading lady too much. I mean for god’s sake he goes into the ghost town rich!

    • I think he’s made up for it since going demon mode. He’s way too possessive and leaves her out of the loop as if she’s a doll to be protected rather than the strong person he admires regardless of physical powers.

      The previews of him and the boys talking about what to do about Zhaoyao while keeping everything they know secret from all three women made me so angry.

    • haha yes. He is like the kindest soul from his first appearance. The one after he awakes n leave the barrier. He pick a bun i assume thrown away, and beaten badly by the other homeless street gang only to share the only bun he got with a wounded dog.. i was like .???? who is this guy

    • me too i still come back looking at his scenes, his acting is so good some of the new dramas i watch feel fall short.. his microexpressions all so good.. he also ML in Ancient love poetry, i love it

  3. I want to watch this show with English subtitles so badly but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. It is not picked up by VIKI nor anyone doing subtitles on Youtube. It is just too bad!!! I love the color and overall cinematography of this drama.
    Li Chenlan / Moqing is so cute and handsome! He and Lu Zhaoyao have explosive chemistry!!

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