Emperor Kangxi endorses this eyeshadow palette.

The Forbidden Palace aka one of China’s hottest IP (they have their own variety show promoting  merch and collaborations with everything from a mobile game with Tencent to pickled goods with Li Ziqi) has another make-up collection, this time for Mao Geping’s new  Eastern Charms collection containing blush, eye shadow, all-purpose color palettes, lipsticks  and perfumes.

I’m not sure if some of the photos are from Mao Geping or by the blogger since she usually adds a logo to her own photos, but the following   photos  are from 小蛮蛮小 on Weibo.


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4 thoughts on “Sinology Sunday: Mao Geping X The Forbidden Palace make-up collection”

  1. Looks so majestic..
    Great to see China making its own consumer brands instead of just importing from Japan/South Korea.

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