Character posters for Zhang Ruoyun, Wang Ou’s Awakening of Insects

Awakening of Insects 麻雀2之惊蛰 comes from the author-writer of 2016 spy drama Sparrow, and stars Zhang Ruoyun as Chen Shan, a police informer who is forced by the Japanese to infiltrate the Kuomintang as Xiao Zhengguo, whom he bears a close resemblance to. Wang Ou plays the righteous Communist agent and Chen Shan’s love interest Zhang Li.

Sun Yizhou plays Zhou Haichao, an ambitious Kuomintang agent who views Chen Shan, now disguised as Xiao Zhengguo, as his archenemy. He also has an unrequited love for Xiao Zhengguo’s wife Yu Xiaowan (Kan Qingzi), a daring doctor and queen of the dance floor.


Wang Longzheng as Japanese official Huangmu Wei, Chen Shan’s mentor and ultimate rival. 

Yu Xiaowei as Qian Shiying, a seemingly pro-Japanese tea merchant who is actually Chen Shan’s older brother Chen He.

Li Qiang and Gao Shuguang as Chen Shan’s (Xiao Zhengguo) superiors

Wang Wanjuan as Tang Manqing, Shanghai’s top socialite

Luo Qiuyun as Chen Xia, Chen Shan’s visually impaired younger sister. Huangmu Wei uses her to make Chen Shan do his bidding.

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