Janice Man, Tang Mengjia dressed up in holiday posters for Nice to Meet You

This post was solely created because I like this dress.

Here’s some holiday themed posters from upcoming drama Nice To Meet You 只为遇见你.

Nice To Meet You 只为遇见你 explores the clashing of traditional Chinese and modern elements in the jewelry world. The series airs on March 10th and stars Janice Man (Tribe and Empires), Zhang Ming’en (Tientsin Mystic), Wei Qianxiang (Prince of Lan Ling), Tang Mengjia (Concubine Meng Arrives), Ma Yashu (Spell of the Fragrance), and Ji Xiaobing (S.C.I.).

Poor Ji Xiaobing is on his own, probably waiting for  Gao Hanyu.


6 thoughts on “Janice Man, Tang Mengjia dressed up in holiday posters for Nice to Meet You

  1. How in the world does Janice Man keep getting hired for roles? After her epically terrible performance in love through the millennium 2???

      • Angelababy’s acting is at least tolerable nowadays..Janice on the other hand..I can’t even talk about it lol

        • LOL I think their acting is about the same (I honestly don’t think AB is particularly any more tolerable than she has been. And while she wasn’t good, I didn’t find Janice horrible or anything in Tribes and Empires.)

          On the other hand, I find AB’s facial expressions sometimes super extra and awkward, whereas Janice is just wooden to me, so I totally would prefer Janice’s face over AB’s. Idk. I agree with idarklight. She’s really, really pretty.

        • Angelababy’s best acting was actually earlier in her career. She and Jing Boran have the best segments of both Hot Summer Days and Love in Space. It’s proof that she can give decent performances when the right director coaches her.

          Same with Janice Man, she’s decent in most of her big budget films.

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