We get our first glimpse of the three brothers in the first trailer for upcoming Republican drama New World. There’s the local jail boss (Sun Honglei), the Kuomintang government official (Zhang Luyi) and the policeman (Yin Fang), and the three brothers go through various internal struggles before finally deciding to band together and welcome the Communists into Beiping. Weibo video here if the Youtube video doesn’t work.

Costars include Wan Qian, Li Chun, Hu Jing and Qin Han. Wang Jinsong guest stars as Wan Qian’s father, while Zhou Dongyu’s role is still unknown.

One thought on “The countdown to a New World begins for Sun Honglei, Wan Qian”

  1. The part where Sun Honglei’s voice comes on saying “The new world will be strange but warm” set to scenes of an empty field anda door opening up to a bunch of robotic soldiers walking out makes this feel like a Brave New World trailer.

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