Friday Photos: Photographer Xiaoming


With a super distinctive style of bringing frames into photos, photographer Xiaoming is a rising star with unique looks. Here are some pictures of his for Xu Kai, Chen Ruoxuan, Lin Yanjun, Sodagreen, Wu Tsing-Fong of Jikejunyi, Jiang Yingrong, Tia Ray, and Super Vocal’s Ayunga and Zheng Yunlong,

Some more plant growers:

Xu Kai also watering

insert dooty joke

I bet you can’t find Kan Qingzi among the other purple blossoms

Upside down land:

Xu Kai

Tia Ray

Vivi Jiang Yingrong


Cool framing: 

Wu Tsing-Fong of Sodagreen

Chen RUoxuan is stuck

Ayunga X Zheng Yunlong

Lin Yanjun

Bonus Zheng Yunlong looking     like an anime character.

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