No Secrets 没有秘密的你 is the remake of 2013 Korean drama I Hear Your Voice, and stars Qi Wei (Women in Beijing) as Lin Xingran, a 26-year old lawyer who doesn’t really care for her job and Jin Han (Our Glamorous Time) as Jiang Xia, a genius law student who can read minds (yes, they’ve narrowed the age gap from 11 to <5 years).

Their fates become entwined after a deadly accident from ten years ago, when Xingran witnessed the bloody murder of Jiang Xia’s father. After the accident, Jiang Xia loses his hearing but gains the ability to hear people’s thoughts. When they reunite, Jiang Xia’s pristine image of Lin Xingran is shattered when he witnesses her irresponsible actions as a lawyer, though he believes that deep inside, she is still the kind-hearted girl who would stand up for the weak. Jiang Xia begins his job as her guardian angel when his father’s killer is released from prison, and the two develop romantic affections for each other in the process.

Directed by Yu Zhongzhong (If Paris Downcast) and written by Li Jie (Diamond Lover), cameras for the series will begin rolling in March.

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