Jin Yong’s most contested love triangle, are you #TeamZhaoMin or #TeamZhouZhiruo ?

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber the ninth 倚天屠龙记  airs two episodes every Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays on February 27th.

OP by Emil Chau; ED below,  full song by Hu Xia here; Trailer 1; Trailer 2BTS

Xu Zhudan kind of looks like Song Yi in this photo
Chen Yuqi with a lamb.
Not to be outdone, Xu Zhudan with a bunny.
Whenever you turn evil, all your lipstick automatically turn ten shades darker. Also I did not notice the guy in the photo until I were double-checking the post.

It’s symbolism! The leader of the Ming (to brighten) sect is lighting a fire!
Sun Anke as Yang Buhui, who falls in love with her mom’s ex-fiance.
Lin Shen playing one of the youngest looking Yang Xiao.
The Purple, Green, Yellow, and Blue Rangers of the Ming.
Kabby Hui as Zhu’er, the “heir” of the Persian Manichaeism sect.
Cao Xiyue as Yin Li, who falls in love with her childhood memory of Zhang Wuji
When  the hero’s journey begins with dead parents.
Kathy Chow, who played Zhou Zhiruo previously and is now playing the person who pushed Zhou Zhiruo to evil.

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