Gorgeous shots from Goodbye My Princess

Melodrama Goodbye My Princess is turning out to be a very enjoyable watch for me. Peng Xiaoran is delightful as Xiaofeng, and while Chen Xingxu struggles to deliver in some of the major emotional scenes, he does a good job bringing out the more ruthless side of Li Chengyin / Gu Xiaowu.

I find the interactions between Xiaofeng and Gu Xiaowu before and after they jump down the River of Forgetfulness to be really sweet, but then I just get depressed thinking of what Xiaofeng has been through and what they will go through after Xiaofeng regains her memories. Romance aside, I’m also really liking the ambitious prince’s political machinations – it’s not every day you see such a character as the male lead.

Any thoughts on the drama so far?

Scenery locations: Xinchang (bridge), Dunhuang and Bashang Grasslands

Stills credit to KiAile美诗倾城, -Wangqiann, 一个帅桃
Illustration credit to 呼葱觅蒜

5 thoughts on “Gorgeous shots from Goodbye My Princess

    • English subs are already up…currently on episode 13 and they’re all fully subbed on viki

  1. I really enjoying this drama knowing the tragedy ending. Both leads are eye candy to watch every time they’re together. Hopefully w/Goodbye my princess, peng xiaoran & chen xingxu will get more leading roles in the future. CXX is only 22 and will be 23 this march. Age doesn’t matter as long as they look good together on screen :D

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