Wuxin: The Monster Killer 3 will be set in the Tang Dynasty

This poster makes it like a tomb raider movie. 

After two dramas in the Republican era, Wuxin: The Monster Killer 无心法师 goes back in time to the Tang dynasty for its next installment.  Han Dongjun returns as Monster Killer Wuxin, while Chen Yao returns as a new character Qingluan who Wuxin helps to return home in the turbulent late Tang dynasty.  On the way, the two are met with a string of mysteries that all seem to point to  Wuxin’s old enemy Bai Liuli. When the two stumble upon the secret to everlasting life (and death), Wuxin must choose between his dream of death and saving Qingluan and her brother.

The scriptwriter will still be Xu Ziyuan of the first two dramas, while the directors will be Xu Huikang and Li Yizhong of the second Wuxin. Filming began on Feb. 15.

Sui Yongliang, who played the Daoist priest Chuzhenzi, also returns. Not sure about the rest of the cast.


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  1. Wait….so this time Chen Yao’s the female lead instead of the never-dying bad guy? Not gonna lie, I’m happy that Chen Yao’s getting to lead, but also disappointed cuz omg Chen Yao totally rocks the grey area of “antagonist but unbelievably likable”.

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