Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber the ninth sets release date on February 27th

The classic wuxia novel is known for propelling the theory that the Ming dynasty was founded by and named after the  Manicheist Ming sect.

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber the ninth announced its release date of February 27th with a new trailer and a few posters. The series stars Zeng Shunxi, Chen Yuqi, and Zhu Xudan in a fight between three religions and three countries.

Both of the trailers have actually looked interesting to me, and given that there haven’t been a true-to-the-books version made yet, it’ll be interesting to see director Jeffrey Chiang’s take on it given his success with the 2017 version of the Legend of the Condor Heroes.

The story begins with the prophecy that whoever wields the Dragon Slaying Saber and Heavenly Sword will rule the world. Zhang Wuji (Zeng Sunxi)’s parents Zhang Cuishan (Li Dongxue) and Yin Susu commit suicide after refusing to reveal the location of the blade, which is currently in the possession of his godfather Xie Xun (Hei Zi).

Some years later, Zhang Wuji finds himself in an isolated valley, and masters a set of powerful inner energy skills. He becomes the leader of the unorthodox Ming Cult, and later supports the rebellions against the Mongol-led Yuan Dynasty. Aside from Mongol princess Zhao Min (Chen Yuqi), Zhang Wuji also becomes romantically entangled with the Emei Sect’s Zhou Zhiruo (Zhu Xudan), Persian cult leader / living sacrifice Xiaozhao and his cousin Yin Li / Zhu’er.

The Monglians

The E’mei nuns.

The Wudang Taoist priests

The Shaolin monks

12 thoughts on “Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber the ninth sets release date on February 27th

  1. Hmm kind of a baby face on this Zhang Wu Ji, a little unexpected since past ones like Deng Chao, Lawrence Ng were more mature looking.

      • agree, alec su was pretty baby-faced, but he still had this old school righteous look to him. zeng shun xi just looks… soft & doughy. at least from the few seconds i see if him in the trailer anyway

    • Lawrence Ng was too old to play Zhang Wu Ji. And I almost spit out blood watching him do the martial arts moves as he looked frail and awkward (the main actor in Iron Fist also looked terrible in his martial arts action scenes =P). He was a miscast IMO. Charmaine Sheh was great as ZZR in that TVB version though.

      I’m excited for this new version!

      Zeng Shunxi was pretty good in “Take Away My Brother” (now available on Netflix), so I’m keeping my fingers crossed he’ll be good as ZWJ.

      I think that Zhu Xudan is a better actress than Chen Yuqi and will do the character of ZZR justice. But I also like Chen Yuqi, who was pretty good as the bratty princess in Princess Weiyoung.

  2. Hmmm I trust the production bc the trailers look good and also I really liked the 2017 Legend of the Condor Heroes. But also conflicted — historically (without reading the books and relying only on previous adaptations) I like Zhao Min as a character more (despite her being really selfish in terms of her family, tbh). BUT I like Zhu XuDan more than Chen YuQi. I think ZXD is a better actress and in the trailer her scenes look more compelling to me. Hence, this might be the first adaptation where I legit like Zhou ZhiRuo more??? (I usually don’t really like her…).

    • Same! I’ve always liked Zhao Min more (I’ve seen Alec Su, Steve Ma, and Deng Chao versions and have read the book), but based on the trailers and images I feel like I like Zhou Zhiruo more in this version. I haven’t seen neither of the actresses in anything, though. Also, my favorite is usually Xiaozhao and I’m so far not a fan of this version’s Xiaozhao

      • Like, I never really take ZZR and ZWJ’s first love for real (mostly at least 70% bc ZWJ’s just a wishy-washy man who seems like he loves ZZR…”as a sister” to me, and 30% because it always feels like ZZR just latched onto the guy who’s nice to her cuz every other male is like, even more dick-ish and she’s surrounded by a whole lot of nuns). BUT in the trailer esp the scenes where she’s crying to MieJue about not being able to kill him, etc etc, wow I can actually feel the love! In contrast in the trailer Zhao Min….I can’t get the demon princess from Ashes out of my mind cuz like, she has the exact same expression and mouth-shape when she’s screaming for ZWJ as when the demon princess had when her maybe-lover-dude died in Ashes. Maybe I’m being over critical, but as an overall production I’m pretty excited.

        I’m mostly ambivalent towards XiaoZhao, mostly cuz I feel like she wasn’t on screen for very long and got very little development, tbh (50% of the time was her just being ZWJ’s maid…like I LOVE her story later on with the persians, but it doesn’t get much attention tbh). I DO really like Yin Li/Zhu-er. (Also Yin SuSu but her inevitable death and relegation to supporting character makes me sadly less invested, lol. She’s like everything Zhao Min wanted to be, but like, isn’t.)

      • but also, I while I like YinLi as a character, I’m not a super fan of her from the posters here (I didn’t really notice her in the trailer I think…)

      • rip I think my earlier comment isn’t showing up for some reason, but too lazy to remember what I said.

      • Nope, as of today, I’m still 100% team Zhao Min in this one. She and Zhang Wuji are more soulmates in this version than any other version I’ve seen/read.

        • Lol I honestly haven’t watched the new HSDS since ep12 so to be fair I’ve seen like, very little of adult ZWJ and none of adult-females.

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