Here’s a round-up of Lantern Festival poster/stills released for upcoming (and one currently airing) dramas.  Happy Lantern Festival!

The Longest Day in Chang’an – Yi Yangqianzi

Goodbye, My Princess – Chen Xingxu, Peng Xiaoran
I Got You – Yiheng, Cheng Guo
All is Well – Yao Chen, Ni Dahong, Guo Jingfei, Tony Yang
Youth Should be Early – Hu Yitian, Zhong Chuxi
Records from Nanyan Studio – Liu Yifei, Jing Boran
New Madame White Snake – Ju Jingyi, Yu Menglong
Detective rom-com Liang Shihuan 两世欢 – Yu Menglong, Chen Yuqi


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One thought on “Lantern Festival drama posters”

  1. The posters for Chinese dramas these days are just out of control high production value. Since 2015 onwards I’ve basically stopped watching American tv lol

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