Tang dynasty mystery drama Miss Truth releases first stills

Miss Truth 大唐女法医 is based on Xiutang’s novel of the same name, and stars idol Zhou Jieqiong (Kyulkyung of I.O.I) as Ran Yan, an astute medical examiner who embarks on a journey to find her mother’s killer and solves several murder cases along the way.

Li Chengbin (Operation Proposal, Su Jiaming in Soul Mate) plays Xiao Song, an assistant minister of the Ministry of Justice who likes to keep foxes as pets, while Pei Zitian (Sweet Combat) plays the top assassin Su Fu.

Directed by Wu Tianyi (Hijack) and Ye Tian (Dad, I Will Rescue You) and written by Qigenhu / Jin Rui (Peacock Feather), the 68 episode web drama is still in the middle of filming.

Lan Bo as Sang Chen, a genius scholar

Wang Yizhe (Story of Yanxi Palace) as Xiao Song’s loyal assistant 

Yuan Ziyun (New Summer’s Desire) as Ran Yan’s maid Wanlv

Tu Hua (Women in Shanghai) as Ran Yan’s younger sister

6 thoughts on “Tang dynasty mystery drama Miss Truth releases first stills

  1. the story ( book ) is about a forensic examiner from present after murder getting reborn , with memories/knowledge carried over, at the beginning of Tang Dynasty. i am some what surprised with one of the poster with overlapping Fox spirit as the webnovel is NOT XianXia/Xuanhuan. the book “Tang Dynasty Female Forensic Doctor” is under translation , at pretty slow pace though, with 60 chapters out of 439 done. link is

  2. It is a challenge for me (who regrettably is limited to English) to wait for English subtitles as well as being limited to what is available to view within the United States. Sigh….. This seems so interesting.

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