Goodbye My Princess airs tonight

I have been addicted to the chorus of Goodbye My Princess’ theme song First Encounter ever since it made its debut in the third teaser, and now they’ve finally released the full version ahead of its premiere on Youku at 8pm (CN).

The 52 episode drama will release 1 episode every night, while members get a 4 episode head start. Happy Valentine’s Day, and happy watching!

Insert song: Love Hurts by Xiaoshi and Gong Jun

Xiaofeng and Gu Xiaowu


5 thoughts on “Goodbye My Princess airs tonight

  1. Feels like I’ve waited forever for this! I haven’t watched the first episode yet but I’m so stoked that it’s finally getting started

  2. It’s better than I thought it’d be. And the female lead literally looks like the characters they draw on the cover of wuxia novels. But the male lead is a little disappointing tbh.

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