Friday Photos – Award-winning actresses

Six best actresses – Joan Chen, Karena Lam, Zhao Tao, Gwei Lun-mei, Ma Sichun, and Chun Xia – gather for this photoshoot by Feng Chuxuan. I would love if some magazine started doing Chinese versions of the Vanity Fair photoshoots.

Joan Chen, Zhao Wei, Karena Lam, Zhao Tao, Gwei Lun-mei, Zhou Dongyu, Ma Sichun, Chun Xia, and Chen Wenqi.

A Tale of Two Chen’s – Joan Chen and Chen Wenqi on swing sets. I don’t understand why Hollywood isn’t totally jumping on Joan Chen given the recent surge in Asian stuff. She’s one of the few Chinese-American actresses with a Hollywood career who is also huge in China. She’s gorgeous, an amazing actress, and can actually speak both Chinese and English fluently.

Chen Wenqi for Woke

Zhao Wei looking cool for the new year.

Zhou Dongyu in a Summer Palace – collab robe that I really want.


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  1. Weren’t there already Chinese copycat versions of the Hollywood Vanity Fair covers? Am sure I saw a few some years ago.

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