Air date update, February 2019

Airing since Jan 30th:

  • My Father and Daddy 我的亲爹和后爸 starring Zhang Yi, Zhang Guoli and Li Jianyi
  • A World Without Fraud 天下无诈 starring Guo Xiaodong, Xu Yue

Adventure of the National Treasures 国宝奇旅 – Feb 6
Starring: Liu Ye, Yuan Shanshan
Details: 42 episodes, daily drama on Jiangsu TV / Zhejiang TV
A Kuomintang officer works with a restorer of cultural relics to escort precious national treasures down South after the Japanese invasion.

Little Actors Troupe: My Own Swordsman 小戏骨之武林外传 – Feb 7
Featuring: Guo Feige, Chen Shuyi
Details: 1 episode every night on Tencent
Re-imagination of the classic sitcom of the same name.

Queen Dugu 独孤皇后 – Feb 11
Featuring: Joe Chen, Chen Xiao
Details: 50 eps, weekly drama on Tencent, iQiyi, Youku
Chronicles the lives of the founders of the Sui Dynasty.

Skynet Action 天网行动 (2012) – Feb 11
Featuring: Huo Zhengyan, Zhu Yilong, Zhu Yan
Details: 35 eps, weekly drama on Youku
A car accident causing the death of a young family holds clues to a cold case.

My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression 我的奇妙男友2之恋恋不忘 – Feb 14
Featuring: Mike Angelo, Yu Shuxin
Details: 28 eps, weekly drama on Mango TV
The love story between an up-and-coming actress and a centuries old superhuman.

Unbeatable You 逆流而上的你 ~ Feb 10
Featuring: Pan Yueming, Ma Li
Details: 40 eps, daily drama on Hunan TV (after The Story of Minglan)
A career woman suddenly loses her job and then has to deal with an unplanned pregnancy.

Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber 倚天屠龙记 – Feb 13
Featuring: Zeng Shunxi, Chen Yuqi, Zhu Xudan
Details: 50 eps, weekly drama on Tencent

The Night of the Comet 彗星来的那一夜 – Feb 13
Featuring: Fu Longfei, Tang Mengjia
Details: 16 eps, weekly drama on Mango TV
Two men from parallel universes exchange identities and become involved in a love triangle with the heroine.

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