Black Lighthouse 黑色灯塔 is a youth legal drama starring Wu Qian (An Oriental Odyssey) as Qiao Nuoyi, an intern who accidentally finds herself working at the intermediate people’s court. She discovers a newfound passion for the law after solving several mysteries, and sets her sights on becoming a judge.

Yang Le (Kill Mobile) plays the brainy and meticulous prosecutor Li Xuyao and the heroine’s main love interest. Zheng Yawen (Why Get Married) costars as fellow prosecutor Fan Jiayi, who has a love-hate relationship with lawyer Wei Yutai, played by Dai Xu (Entrepreneurial Age).

The cases in the show will be inspired by some of the most talked-about social issues, including schoolyard bullying, human trafficking, scams targeting the elderly and public order offences. The web drama is directed and written by Shi Heran, whose only credit is as a scriptwriter for The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom.

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