Stills for upcoming historical romance drama The Promise of Chang’an

The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 stars Zhao Yingzi (Spy Hunter)Cheng Yi (Noble Aspirations) and Han Dong (Beauties in the Closet) in a love triangle spanning decades, and follows the heroine’s journey from the daughter of a respected tribal leader to the empress dowager of a kingdom.

Helan Mingyu (Zhao Yingzi) is childhood sweethearts with Shengzhou’s ninth prince Xiao Chengxu (Cheng Yi), though is forced to marry his older brother Xiao Chengrui (Han Dong) after she is misled into believing that her true love died on the battlefield.

Xiao Chengxu helps his older brother conquer the rest of the kingdoms and found a new dynasty, though is distrusted by the new ruler after racking up a number of military achievements. Xiao Chengrui passes away before any major conflict between the brothers can occur, and the throne is passed to Helan Mingyu’s son Xiao Qiyuan.

Xiao Chengyu is honoured as Prince Regent, and makes it obvious that he still carries a torch for Helan Mingyu. Xiao Qiyuan becomes especially distrustful of his powerful and ambitious uncle, and becomes determined to rid the court of his influences.

The drama has basically transposed the love triangle between Dayu’er, Huang Taiji and Dorgon (from The Secret History of Xiaozhuang) to the Tang Dynasty, without even bothering to change the names. At least the stills look nice?

The 68 episode drama comes from the director and writers of The Glory of Tang Dynasty.

Liang Jingxian as Ling Xun’er

Zhao Dongze as Xiao Qiyuan, Helan Mingyu’s son

Rocket Girls’ idol Yang Chaoyue as Dong Ruoxuan, Shunzhi’s Xiao Qiyuan’s favourite concubine

The Xiao clan (royal family):

Han Chengyu as Xiao Qihan

The Helan family:



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