Li Landi leads upcoming Qing dynasty palace drama

Tangren may be attempting to recreate the classic that was Bubu Jingxin / Scarlet Heart with their upcoming period romance drama Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty 梦回大清. Li Landi (My Huckleberry Friends) stars as Mingwei, the heroine who can time travel back and forth between the Qing dynasty and the 21st century.

She catches the attention of pretty much all of Kangxi’s sons, and gets entangled in their political ambitions along the way. Mingwei’s main love interest thirteenth prince Yinxiang is played by new actor Wang Anyu.

The drama is based on the novel of the same name by Jinzi, and is helmed by Lee Kwok Lap and written by Wang Lizhi, who both worked on Bubu.

Xin Yunlai as Fourteenth Prince

Sun Anke as Minghui

Ding Qiao as Fourth Prince

Chen Yu’an as Qixiang

Zhang Leyun as Zheng Chunhua

Zhang Tong as Consort De, mother of 4th and 14th

Liu Jun as Kangxi

10 thoughts on “Li Landi leads upcoming Qing dynasty palace drama

    • Timetravelling on TV is okay if you come up with a scientific reason (vs a 封建迷信 aka feudalistic superstitious reason like soul traveling ) . Ex. Chen Xiang’s Qin dynasty timetravel drama that was the result of a science experiment

  1. Sun An Ke ? So she changed her name (I remembered her being called Zhang Xiao Wei, I liked her in Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me)

  2. Wasn’t interested in this at all, but actually kinda excited bc the styling/costuming is great! I’m kind of opposite @Ruyi. I’m not really into the stand-up headpieces like in Ruyi (the drama lol) or like Huan Zhu Ge Ge; I like the smaller, understated styling paired with muted colors like in Yanxi. This gives me that kind of vibe. Also bc visually everything looks good here and omg I love Liu Jun. He blew me away in NiF2 and totally would look forward to his KangXi.

  3. This is nice and all but I can’t stop staring at the females’ headpieces and how lopsided some of them look. W-who thought sticking giant cinnamon buns on their heads was aesthetic…??

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