Promo Round-up: The Legend of Haolan

Upcoming palace intrigue drama The Legend of Haolan stars Wu Jinyan as Li Haolan, a former noble lady of the Zhao state who is first a concubine to merchant-turned-politician Lv Buwei (Nie Yuan) before marrying the future ruler of the Qin state Ying Yiren (Mao Zijun).

The 63 episode drama will release two episodes every Saturday to Tuesday on iQiyi / MZTV beginning tonight. Members get an 8 episode head start.

Opening theme song by Lu Hu and Huang Yali
Ending theme song by Gao Yu’er

Ning Jing as Lady Li, the ambitious wife of the King of Zhao (Wang Zhifei).

Ya (Hai Ling), the princess of the Zhao state who has an unrequited love for Ying Yiren, and Ying Zixi (Wang Yu).

Tong Mengshi as Ying Zheng, Ying Yiren’s son with Lady Zhao and later first emperor of China.

Tan Zhuo and Wang Maolei as Ying Yiren’s parents Madam Huayang and Lord Anguo respectively.

He Jiayi as Queen Dowager Xia, Ying Yiren’s birth mother

Wang Lin as Gao Min

Jiang Zixin (Mingyu in Yanxi) as physician Yin Xiaochun, Zhao Yiqin as the carefree Young Sir Yi and Pei Zitian as Gao Haoyang.

Hong Yao as Young Sir Jiao (probably a brother of Ying Yiren) and Zhang Nan as Princess Qionghua of the Kingdom of Han, sent to Zhao to establish political relations.

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  1. This looks so beautiful. The acting, direction, n production qualities of many Chinese dramas are equal in every way to major film productions. Just can’t get enough. My only worry is where to view if not on Viki, Netflix or YouTube then I’m SOL!

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