Promo Round-up: Spy Hunter

Republican mystery drama Spy Hunter stars Qin Junjie (Summer’s Desire) as Zi Liping, a young man who intends to seek revenge for his half-sister Guiwan’s (Xu Lu) “death”. Lu Yi costars as the main antagonist and his older brother Zi Liqun. [Extended Synopsis]

Written by original author Zhang Yong (The Disguiser) and directed by Li Lu (In the Name of the People), the 48 episode drama airs daily on Zhejiang TV / Jiangsu TV beginning tonight.

Theme song by Duo Liang (I only feel like rewatching The Disguiser after the scenes at the 33rd and 45th seconds)

Zhang Zhixi as Fang Yifan, Zi Liping’s colleagueHu Haifeng as Gui Yi / Gui Junmen

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