Promo Round-up: I Will Never Let You Go

I Will Never Let You Go stars Ariel Lin (Old Boy) as the descendant of a mysterious cult who holds the key to a treasure trove, and Zhang Binbin (The King’s Woman) as her Superman / Clarke Kent. The 51 episode drama airs 2 episodes every Tuesday to Thursday on Zhejiang TV / MZTV, and members get a 4 episode head start. [Extended Synopsis]

Austin Lin as Dongfang Shi, Hua Buqi’s fiancé. His ambitious grandfather has his sights set on Hua Buqi and her knowledge of the trove. 

Sun Zujun as Yunlang, heir to a powerful jianghu clan. He has unrequited affections for Hua Buqi.

Huang Xindi as Liu Qingwu / Liu Qingyan

Actress Xing En as Mo Ruofei, young master of a merchant family

Zhang Xinyu as Hua Buqi’s mother

Huang Meng as Seventh Prince

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